Bridal Gifts Sets
Elite Queens is making its way in your everyday skincare routine. Our organic natural made skincare products are being loved by everyone who uses it. lately our skincare sales has improved as it hits the bridal market, making our custom groomsmen and bridesmaids skincare gifts set a hit among generous brides. La Fluhr is changing how brides look at gifts for their bridal party. Image giving a gift you know will be used, and chances are they would continue to use it, and even fall in love with it. Brides and grooms have testified that their groups loved the gifts they got, and to top it off, they love the ingredient and the packaging. 

Here at La Fluhr, we communicate with our brides, our goal is to create the ultimate reaction when our gifts are presented. We offer custom name and tags and custom boxes with our skincare and haircare gift sets. We can make any combination of gifts you desire. Please feel free to connect with us IG@LaFluhr21 and FB@LaFluhr.

To top it off , we make the process easy, reliable and affordable. Traditionally, bridal party gifts would consist of custom or personalized: keychains, cups, mugs, flask shot glasses, bottle openers etc. But how many of there gifts are used on a daily basis or tossed aside and forgotten? With our products, they entice your parties to use and experience them; and that's our goal!



Date 11/9/2021

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